1) Your Details

2) Your Attorneys

3) Your Instructions

4) Review & Payment

Donor Details

The person making an LPA is called a donor. This is because you are arranging to give your power of attorney to someone else should this become necessary.

* You must select a title
* You must supply a first name
* You must supply a surname

* You must supply a date of birth

This should include any alternate names you are known by, your maiden name if applicable, and any former names.

* You must select a marital status

* You must supply an email address
* You must supply your best contact number

* You must supply a postcode

Are you making this LPA freely?

In order to write an LPA for you, we need to be sure that you are making it freely and have the mental capacity to do so.

* You must confirm that you are making this LPA freely before proceeding

Checking your identification

We are required by law to obtain official identification documents as part of the LPA making process.

You can either upload a scan of the necessary documents here, or send them to us later via email or post.

You will need to provide 1 Photo ID and 1 Address ID.

Photo ID *

This could be a:

  • Full valid passport
  • Valid UK photocard driving licence
  • Valid H.M. Forces identity card (MOD90/1250) bearing signatory’s photograph
* Please supply at least 1 form of photo ID ...

Please scan and upload an identification document that has your name and photo on it.

This could be a:

  • Bank account or credit card statement (must be less than three months old)
  • Firearm and shotgun certificate
  • Utility bill (must be less than three months old and not a mobile phone bill)
  • Current Council Tax bill
  • Current mortgage statement
Address ID *
* Please supply at least 1 form of address ID ...

Please scan and upload an identification document that has your name and address on it.

Identification documents can be emailed to:


or posted to:

Roche Legal,
4 Westfield House,
Millfield Lane,
YO26 6GA

* ... or check this box to let us know that you will send the remaining IDs in the post or by email.
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